Various surveys indicate that many individuals do not meet the healthy eating requirements recommended by the professionals. It seems most individuals frequently consume too many fast foods but not enough fruits, vegetables, breads and cereals.

We can all lower our risk of contracting degenerative diseases and living unhealthy lifestyles by participating in healthy eating habits, indulging in regular physically exercise and maintaining a healthy body weight. Numerous studies show that being overweight, physically inactive and not eating well cause nearly one third of all deaths.

Unhealthy eating habits will increase our risk of contracting degenerative diseases. Unhealthy eating habits contribute to the epidemic of weight gain, and being overweight or obese increases our risk of dying prematurely. The good news is that embracing healthy eating behaviours, combined with participating in regular physical activity will assist us in getting healthy and losing weight thereby encouraging good health and longevity. Healthy eating is the first step in addressing our unhealthy behaviours!

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